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WHY MULCH? Mulch is a very important factor in gardening in Australia. It helps to reduce evaporation which is essential in times of drought. It also reduces the number of weeds in your garden which is always a bonus. Main benefits from mulch include, constant soil temperatures, weed control, slowing down of evaporation, adding organic matter back to the soil, repels insects, erasion and sediment control.

  • Sugar Cane Mulch (Bagged)

    Sugar Cane Mulch (Bagged)

    • $14.95 for 7m2 Bag

    Volume discounts available

    1-2 $14.95
    3+ $13.00

    Product description

    Sugar cane mulch is a great mulch to use in the garden when you want to add something back to the soil. One bag will cover approximately 7m² at 50mm thick. This sugar cane mulch contains organic, chopped, Australian Sugar Cane Mulch. It is a light yellow straw colour and will break down into the soil increasing nutrient content while also:

    • Reduces Weeds
    • Saves Water
    • Encourages earthworms
    • Safe to use, no chemicals

    This mulch is great for all types of gardens and will extremely benefit veggie patches and rose gardens.

    How much do I need for my job?

    For you're convenience, we've provided the calculator below to determine how much of this product you will need to purchase for the size of your job. Please enter all the fields below before you calculate the total required for your job. To allow for uneven surfaces and ensure you're not left with short supply on any of your jobs, this calculator includes a 20% increase on the exact amount needed.
    Please note all fields are in millimetres so 1000mm = 1 metre.

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