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  • Firewood - Ironbark

    Firewood - Ironbark

    • $389.00 for 1 Tonne

    Volume discounts available

    1 $389.00
    2 $349.50
    3+ $340.00

    Product description

    Firewood is available all year round. We supply Ironbark. This timber is suited to combustion & open fireplaces. This woods will burn longer and hotter then other inferior wood types. Our wood is premium quality and well seasoned. Guaranteed. Our wood is ECO friendly and only sourced from reputable suppliers.
    We also supply a number of wood fired pizza shops and cafes.

    Why Chose Landscape Supplies Online Firewood?

    • All wood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn
    • Ironbark is a slower, warmer burning than other firewood
    • Ironbark burns with little or no smoke and low emissions
    • Ironbark creates minimal ash – less cleaning
    • Minimal soot build up in your flu
    • Logs are split and cut to a ready-to-use fire wood size of 250mm - 350mm - approximately the size of a loaf of bread
    • Every load is weighed on scales – guaranteeing you get value for money
    • A full range of firewood accessories

    How much do I need for my job?

    For you're convenience, we've provided the calculator below to determine how much of this product you will need to purchase for the size of your job. Please enter all the fields below before you calculate the total required for your job. To allow for uneven surfaces and ensure you're not left with short supply on any of your jobs, this calculator includes a 20% increase on the exact amount needed.
    Please note all fields are in millimetres so 1000mm = 1 metre.

    Width: mm Depth: mm Thickness: mm

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