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  • Native Planting Mix (Bagged)

    Native Planting Mix (Bagged)

    • $10.95 for 30L Bag

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    Martins Native Planting Mix is suitable for growing natives and low phosphorous tolerant plants. It may be used in pots as a potting mix or in the ground as a planting mix.

    Martins Native Planting Mix is low phosphorus and is a free draining mix which means that it will provide your plants with the best possible growing conditions. This mix contains a controlled release fertilizer for up to 9 months plant growth, add a low phosphorus or native fertilizer as this period nears completion.

    • Suitable for growing natives and low phosphorous tolerant plants
    • Low phosphorous free draining mix providing your natives with the best possible growing conditions
    • Can be used in pots or straight in the ground
    • Provides nutrients for 9 months plant growth
    • This mix complies with the requirement for AS 3743 for a premium grade potting mix
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